“The stone speaks to me by its color and sound. I look at the color and the characteristics of the stone, then I tap it to listen for a ringing sound. If it rings, then the stone is solid. I interpret the ringing as singing, hence the name of my studio.

"My connection with the stone involves spirituality and reverence for the spirit that dwells within. It has been on this earth much longer than man and for this reason the stone becomes the teacher, it is simply what my ancestors believe. I am the mediator between the stone and the tools; the stone and the viewer. I visualize what the stone wants to become and I strive to help it blossom.” 

-- Cliff Fragua                 

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

“The cornstalk symbol and the badger paw prints on the top of this page, represent the clans I am from.  My mother is from the Cornstalk People and my father is of the Badger.  Since the Pueblo people functions as a matrilineal society, the children follow the mother's clan."  --Cliff Fragua